My New Schedule

   I continue to be interested in the Presidential Race, 2012. Imagine! The President has not yet even entered the race (Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod, Insert Wry Grin, Shake Head Slowly), it is still March and we are down to one race with only one Rick left. 

   As I have often said, a day without Rick is a wasted day.

   I am trimming my writing schedule a bit in the upcoming weeks, so you don't have to suffer without your Rick.

   Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be aintsobad days, featuring political news and opinion at this site. Of course, is anyone in the race does something that causes me to laugh, cry or seriously fear for America, I may burst in with the news on a Wednesday or a Friday or any other day.

   Renovation, the old Pastor's Pal companion site, is now to be set aside for personal notes, funny stuff or sermon notes. I do not kn0w in which order. These can come any  day but I think they are more likely to come on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

   My Story Place is now about my guy Otis, who is still lying in the road after falling out of his pick-up truck. We will get him out of the road, one way or another, and set him on the straight and narrow. Look for Otis on Tuesday and Thursday, mostly, though he might pop up more often if he seems in dire straits.



Opinions expressed here are mine alone. 

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