My Sports Teams are Moribund, Except for the Upward Soccer Kids

 My Rangers are gone for this year. They face an uncertain future, with Napoli and Adams as free agents and Josh Hamilton, as all-time space cadet.The Mavericks celebrated a World Championship by letting all the American players walk off to other teams.

Then, my beloved Longhorns, the pride of Austin all the way to Pflugerville, drained Barton’s Creek bone dry. They went down in humiliating defeat, 63-21, to the hated Boomer Sooners. Along the way in that one they forgot to tackle a seldom used Fullback on a dive play, forcing the poor boy to run 95 yards into the UT end zone. In so doing, he exhausted himself, tripled his career yardage and joined most of the OU team in scoring at least one touchdown on the day.

After the game, Mack said he was “mystified.” He called the result “unacceptable.” In Mack world, this means some Co-Offensive Coordinator in Charge of Opening and Lowering Windows will have to work in Iowa next year. Mack has a 3.5 million dollar buyout on a contract that runs to 2020. At the current rate, OU will have scored 483.4 points at the Texas State Fair. I don’t know how many coupons you get for that but I have to assume they will get a lot of corny dogs for their efforts.

And, then the Cowboys. Dez loses a 2-point conversion pass because Romo threw it to him. The Cowboys recover an on-sides kick but cannot execute a two minute type offense because their top RB has a sprained foot and their coach cannot think  of two plays to call in the huddle at one time. One remembers Ken Stabler taking the ball with 36 seconds and one timeout left, running six plays, two of them runs to Pete Banazack, and then kicking a field goal from 22 yards away as time expired.

Not those Cowboys.


On the other hand, my beloved and wonderful Kraze team of 1-3 grade futbolers are undefeated. In our last two games, my little sharks have outscored the other kids 16-0. They listen, they hustle, we even run plays. These kids are good.

And we have only one game left in our season, this Saturday. Go, Kraze (formerly known as the Polar Bears).

There is hope.


Opinions here are mine alone.

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