My Day is Not My Day…

Today I had a plan.

Plans are important. I guess they are useless, however.

I got to my coffee shop with a plan in mind.

All the things I wanted to do were good things.

A young man I do not know came over, held out his hand, and said, “i need to talk to you.” He talked for 45 minutes, we prayed and he walked away.

Immediately a second young man walked up, put out his hand and said, “My life stinks. Can you help me?” We talked for a half hour. He cried, we prayed, he left.

An older gentleman, also unknown to me, came over and said, ‘”May I have a turn?” He talked an hour. We prayed. He left.

Three hours, three unknown persons, three prayers. I have yet to do the first thing I intended to do but I got to talk to three men about Jesus.

Luke 9:38 tells us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest that laborers be raised up to the Harvest.  Someone, somewhere is praying that prayer. this is why I am getting the opportunity to visit with men i do not know about the God I do know.

Sunday Night Baptisms-Chains of Grace Ministries

Sunday Evening\ September 2, 2018 at 3958 J Rendon Road in Burleson, Texas we will baptize. First, we will eat food prepared by a Master Chef Dinner from 4 to 5:30 PM Then we will sing inside in air-conditioned comfort and we will preach ( I will) on Romans 13:1-7 because we (I) have beenContinue Reading

Joshaway Texas High School Athletic Hall of Fame

I deserve to be in a Football of Fame  the same way Barney Fife should be a Texas Ranger. My Junior Year in High School 1970 I got into twelve games for free by pretending to be a player. The team whose uniform I wore won a District Title then a Bi-District game while IContinue Reading

Today, and every day…

My friends rallied to me. I am better than I was a week ago. My friend whose kids grew up with mine came to find me a week ago. He tried to take me back to the mountains with him. We stood, instead, in a very public place where he found me and he heldContinue Reading

My Sad Stuff

Whatever can happen to anyone else can apparently happen to me. This is a revelation an apocalypse a mysterium I should have uncovered some time ago.   Like Aeschylus I discovered the unbidden tears. I think he meant the kind of tears that wrack you with sobbing at unexpected moments.   This morning a pastorContinue Reading


Reread the story today King David and Bathsheba. Bathsheba does not get a title. Maybe the Old Testament of the Holy Bible should be interpreted from a feminine view point. Where is the outrage for how she is treated? So many unanswered questions Did Bathsheba get a day in court? The writer does not seemContinue Reading


Two years ago today I wrecked my body and broke my neck. I had thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I was wrong. I fought back from the wreck. My broken body? God my wife my family and a number of people helped me get back from a brokenContinue Reading

A Tired Walker, a Hot Day, A Dirt Road

He was bent or so it looked to me. He was old or so it seemed to me. I passed him easily. I was young. He looked down at the dirt road. He did not look up at me even after I got by him. I know he did not look at me even afterContinue Reading

Wash and Wonder

I don’t think God knows much about business. God says “You gain by losing” How can that work? I doubt God knows much about mathematics. God says “The first will be last” and “The last will be first” So even God’s numbers can’t hold their spot. I wonder if God knows military strategy. God sendsContinue Reading

Easy to Read

I would like to be easy to read People are busy I want to say something worth saying Media call out to us all I want to write about family matters While our culture tears at families. So, I put my stuff down mostly in columns now A kind of dialogue without a story ToContinue Reading