My Young Friend and Roman Catholicism

   I have spent some time with a young friend raised in Baptist life. He is important to me.

   D. has been out of church life for some time. He recently returned, but not to a baptist church. 

   He went to Mass.

   We talked about this for hours today. He likes the ritual, the sobriety, the seriousness.

   "The churches my friends take me to," he said, sadly, "seem  mostly to be about entertainment. There is a pretty bad rock  band, an assuming speaker and a lot of media. It just feels like going to a watered down concert."


   "I like the worshipfulness of the Catholic thing," he said.


   I am impressed by him.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

2 thoughts on “My Young Friend and Roman Catholicism”

  1. I’ve known several people who have left the Baptist church of their youth because it was a “show” to them. Between the multimedia displays, the rock band, and the focus on the speaker (if I hear someone else say, “I want to go to _________ church to hear ________ preach,” I might hurl…), many of the Baptist churches are not saying anything meaningful. I thought people were supposed to go to church to hear God’s Word, not an author and renowned speaker telling what He believes. Most Baptists do not know what they believe. Those who have left for the Catholic and Episcopalian churches at least feel as if they have found a tangible faith. Much of their doctrine may stink compared to the Bible, but at least they feel like they’ve found substance. I grew up in a megachurch, and I know what they mean.

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