Dixville Notch: Tiny New Hampshire Polling Place Casts a Tie

 The tiny hamlet of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, famously opens its polls at midnight on Election Day. For generations, the winner of the Notch polling also wins nationally. This year, ten votes were cast before polling closed. Five went for Romney-Ryan and five for Obama-Biden. Five to five, a flat footed tie.

This will be a long night. The noted irregularities in voting (not in the Notch) will mean the Election will drag on for some time. Hundreds of lawyers are prepared to bill thousands of hours in defense of their party and their nation. Unless one candidate suddenly distances himself from his opponent the 2012 US Presidential race will not end tonight. A razor thin margin, like Nixon-Kennedy in 1960, will not result in a nation saving concession speech at 3am, EST.

This election will end successfully if there are no riots in the streets, not tanks to restrain them. The vitriol between the two parties is explicable in terms that have less to do with standard political animus and the actual transition taking place in American demographics. The average American voter, going forward, is less likely to be white, less apt to be Christian and more likely to be underpaid and undereducated.  The base of one party is more likely to be dependent on government services, while the base of the other party is increasingly concerned to protect itself from government.

Quite naturally, the racial divide is over dramatized party to party, while the compelling force in American national politic is the increasing complexity of global commercialization. Government protections are more important than ever, when one considers the ravages of the Asian collective cultures and the pressures brought on all free persons by Islamic extremism. Ethicists have long predicted the day when Americans would have to decide how much of our civil liberties we would have to surrender for material security. Now, we are beginning to find out just how much will be asked of us.

And that is what this election will come down to finally. This world is a wonderful place, increasingly replete with dangerous persons. Collective security will require more and more collective action. Government will become more necessary as men prove less and less willing to govern themselves in a civil manner. The greater good, however, could become more Atlas Shrugs than Golden Rule.

And, sadly, our friends in Dixville Notch could not settle it for us this time. We are left to our own devices.

Vote, if you have not. Pray, if you did.

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