New Day Network Ministries: My Thanks to All

   Two months ago I mentioned New Day Network Ministries in this blogspace. This is the Ministry name for my dear friends, Alan and Sarah Damron. I offered an address for them and urged my readers to contribute prayer and money to their work in Montana. 

   Some folks immediately began to send contributions. In a world where we often do not know what happens to the money we send, I assure you, you may have every confidence that what you send to New Day Network goes for meaningful ministry in a pioneer missions area. 

   Let me also say how it encourages me when Alan and Sarah mention that one of my readers has sent them a contribution and mentions they read about it on aintsobad. I want to stress I benefit from your contribution to New Day Network only in that I am encouraged by your thoughtfulness. I am not a professional fund raiser. I receive no portion of the money you send. 

   It is enough for me to get out the word about this fine work.

   Please send any amount you can to New Day Network Ministry, PO Box 420013, Haugan, Montana 59842.

   I send a check to the Damrons twice monthly, so my meager money is where my big mouth is, as well. 

   This is a really a ministry worth our support. Pray for the Damrons. Support God's work through them.

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