No One Can Keep Us From Helping Each Other

   My friend, Michael R., came from Ohio to stay with me five days. We talked endlessly, enjoyed fellowship and went to God together. He discussed ministry situations with me.

   MR takes two or three of these trips each year. He is smart enough to feed his soul. The total cost to him for this particular trip, since he stayed with me for free, was the cost of an airline ticket and a couple of meals. When he left, I missed him, but I was refreshed by his visit.

   There are other pastors or staffers with a spare room in the house. I urge you to make these available to persons in need of a retreat. I make my spare room available to you. You can come and we can talk. Or you can come and fall sound asleep in the back bedroom, to be bothered by absolutely no one in this world.

   Tommy and Lilly are coming Wednesday to stay overnight. We will do some ministry with them and they will take a long walk together. The cost to them is a tank of gas and the time to go back and forth. I will not have that much time to give them but they still have the run of the house.

   No one can keep us from ministering to one another. I have been invited into some mediations between staffers in the last couple of years. Resolution leading to reconciliation was the result in one case, while the others were just too far gone. No, I did not benefit financially. There are others who do have to charge who are much better than me. Still, a lot of churches simply cannot afford to pay for ministry of any kind to their staff.

   Or, so they seem to think.

   If you want to save your education minister, associate pastor or music worship leader, reserve a Bed And Breakfast night for him and his wife (or her and her husband), clear their schedule and insist they go.) Inform the supervisor. Work on schedules.

   Or tell them to call me. I will put them up for a few days in the Prophet's Room.

   And, if you are too far away to take advantage of this offer (MR was from Ohio), open your home to someone you barely know but would like to know better. Yes, some will take advantage of you. Some will prove terribly uninteresting. Others will prove to be angels, entertained unawares.

   Stop going to mediocre meetings designed to prove someone had a meeting. Is your life not more than this? People with positions act like cooperative missions is their private, personal domain. They mostly exist to exist. Give up the endless round of pro forma functions. Is your life not more than this?

   There is no one who can keep us from ministry to each other. That is, no one but you and me.

6 thoughts on “No One Can Keep Us From Helping Each Other”

  1. Part of your ministry to Tommy and Lilly should be warning them of the farm dogs up the road. I wouldn’t want their walk to be spoiled. Some of those dogs are territorial (more territorial than aggressive).
    And I know, if you mention this, it will be the smallest ministry you provide for them. I hope they leave refreshed.

  2. I have a spare room and a small 1 room house that for a minimal price could be set up to let ministers have that respite. I have known of other churches that provided that but the houses were empty most times. If there is a need I will get this one ready. Every one let me know the validity of it.

  3. I will entertain my second group this week. I have one other coming. All of them came by my personal invitation. I dont think I will be overrun and I dont think we need to set up a permanent place. I think we do need to make the offer of sanctuary.

  4. I offer a lake to walk around and a 14 foot catamaran complete with sailing lessons. I think I may start my own convention … wait there is no money involved. Ok never mind, I will just help where ever I can let me know.

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