Now, It is done…

…the great tale is told and now entered truthfully into Brock Lore. Em and Brim Finity, Super Trooper B. Cooper, the Finity boys and the venomous Ninjadilloes are now known to all who care to read.

   This story is true. It happened just the way I have told it to the people who told me the story. Some readers, in Kantian fashion, impose their own superstitions on this tale but I have only repeated a good story that came to me in just the way it came to me, true and exact in each detail, no matter how minor.

   I was going to take five days before Christmas to tell this tale and move on to the next thing. The story itself gripped me, instead, and I found more information from various local historians at the Old-Timers Spit and Whittle Club, meeting daily at the Brock Emporium and Feed Store, home of the Dilloe-Burger and Twenty Dollar Range Cubes (for a ten pound bag). Between games of forty-two and down-home dominoes, the long-time residents told me this story and many, many others, most of which cannot be rehearsed in a PG blogsite.

   I have been repeatedly interrupted as I tried to tell the facts of this story. There are, you see,  two factions in our little town, of different minds about the Ninjadilloes. Some refuse to acknowledge the Dilloe-rampages, fearful of what the their acquiescence might do to the local tourist trade.

    "We had three or four cars stop last month alone," said the Brock Emporium and Feed Store Owner, Bubs Slaughter. "'Course, three was lost and wanted directions back to Weatherford…"

   "Yeah, and you sent 'em by way of Millsap, through Santo…"interrupted one of the good old boys, at Bubs expense.

   ""But one of 'em bought a map and some gas at the junction," Bubs continued, unflustered, as the other old men laughed so hard  their dentures flew. "Do we want to give up that much business jest for a history o' Dilloes in Parker County?"

    Others, more punctilious about historical matters (and not owners of the Brock Emporium and Feed Store) think the truth of the Ninjadilloes could actually help business.

   "Do people go to Roswell looking for UFO's? Does it hurt Marfa to have the lights nobody can see?" they ask, aloud, scratching and preening in their bib overalls.

   Each fellow has his points. I have attempted a synthetic telling of the story, then, out of deference to each old man and the .30-.30 each carries in his truck. 

   This is how it happened. I have told the tale. When near Brock, take care for the Dilloes. There are still a few to be found.


6 thoughts on “Now, It is done…”

  1. Each old man may have a .30-.30, but I am sure there are more than a few old men in Brock that have upgraded to fully automatic weapons.
    To paraphrase Clint Eastwood in last year’s movie Gran Torino, “Those Dillos didn’t stand a chance.”

  2. Rifles are so common in Brock I even saw an old flint lock embedded in mortar and surrounded by natural stone functioning as a decorative hearth at a church member’s home. Rumor has it that Brock’s pastor is somehow connected to that very rifle. Lot’s of rumors about that rifle. But that is another story.

  3. Bravo,
    Great job of recreating the hard facts. How about taking taking on a story about your Deacons and their recruits and the upcoming wild turkey season, complete with world class calling.

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