October 5, 1953-Day of Infamy

Well, ok, not a day of infamy because it was mostly just a drowsy day in Cleburne, Texas, when, as an afterthought to history, I was born. I was the second of two sons born to Glen Leland and Dorothy Lee Clark Davis.

A  visiting pastor, Charles Pitts, came into my mother’s hospital room, and, as that great old cleric did all his life, asked if he could pray for her and her new son. Charles told this story better than I tell it but, then, I was a new born at the moment.

My family was not a church going group. Not at all, not at that time. Charles was not even the pastor of the nearest church my family was not attending. He was just one of those old-time, hard working, God fearing clergymen who held the line and fed the flock.

As an addendum to what he usually prayed, for some reason, Charles prayed that day, “God, I pray you will use this boy to be a preacher when he grows up.”

My mother was so impressed she forgot to tell me about his prayer until about ten years after I started in the ministry. Charles remembered it, but, my mother forgot to tell me.

I once told Charles Pitts, “I wish you had prayed for me to be one of those rich preachers, while you were praying.”

Charles said, “Oh, those aren’t real preachers. I prayed for God to use you, not for you to use God.”

Just my luck. Even in my  infancy I could not get away from the ethical, decent guys.

Charles is with the Lord now. I look forward to seeing him again one day soon.

Until then, I’ll just truck along, perhaps praying some other youngster into the ministry.

Thanks to everyone who called, came by, sent an email, a twitter or Facebooked me a happy birthday.




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  1. October 5 is my father’s birthday as well. There are not two men in this world that I respect more than the two I know who were born on October 5.

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