OK, I Get It. I Will Call You Non-Traditionals

   Post-Moderns? Post-dated.

   Millenials? Too close to dispensationalism for some and made insulting to others by the recent 60 Minutes deprecation.

   Generation Whats? It’s been done.

   So, I ask my tattooed, pierced pals, non-church goers, Starbucks Church, Fitness Center, Referee Church members. They want to go with the spiritual tag first, some of them, but that’s too Oprah for them after you explore a moment.

   K told me, "We are non-traditional."

   I think this may stick. It runs across generations as well.

   Understand, I don’t do "counseling," because I am not a trained "counselor." I have read a ton of books, gone to clinics, et al, but I am not a counselor. This frees me up to do "pastoral training" from a "Christian perspective." This is what I now do, sans cost, for two wonderful, non-traditional young couples, who are considering formal marriage. NO names here. Just friends from town who come to the gray haired old preacher for training/mentoring.

   I am what my generation would call "directional." I am not versed in current psycho-babble, so I don’t use it. I am learning non-traditional viewpoints from my friends.

   Amazingly, these are people who just want to be met where they are, do not desire to be changed much but are very willing to change some things about themselves and just want someone they trust to accompany them along the way.

   Non-traditionals. I can go there.

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