On Friday, We Muse…

   The Norwegian Mass Killer of 77 people has been found sane. A federal judge in Norway threw the book at him. He got 21 years for 77 murders, though the sentence can be extended if he is judged a continued threat to society.

   Still, 21 years as the maximum sentence for 77 murders? What in the name of Wyatt Earp is going on in Oslo?

   And, national distress aside, the primary news reports of this week are about a Missouri Senatorial candidate with a sketchy knowledge of female biology and a Lubbock County Judge who believes the UN is coming for him and that he can stop them with Sherriff's Deputies.

   On the other hand, maybe Oslo is not all bad.

   Still, Paul Ryan has a nice smile and does P-90x workouts on the campaign trail. Joe Biden is what America loves, a garrulous curmudgeon who believes Republicans have a secret plan to reinstitute slavery.

   Which way is Oslo?

   The bad news is the national media suddenly discovered a drought in the Midwest only two years after it started, which is pretty good for the national media, which seems to think reality is whatever happens in front of it in a Manhattan Starbucks. The drought is bad news, very bad news, and is, of course, the result of global warming, which, itself, was invented by Al Gore, after he invented the internet.

   The economic bad news is the opinion of a group of international economists who have reported their belief that the global economy is nearing a tipping point where a complete collapse of energy supplies, food delivery and money is imminent. The catastrophe could come before or just after the US national elections. 

   Left unsaid is what the various governments which have brought the world to the brink of disaster intend to do about it. This is probably good, because, when asked what is causing the pending collapse, the economists universally answered, "The action of governments."

   So, while many of us may wonder if global warming is the result of human action, we have very little trouble believing human government has caused all this trouble in the first place.  Apparently, the belief that a government can live on 160% of its annual revenue indefinitely by simply printing more money proved to be fallacious. 

   Who knew?

   Norway. That's east, right?



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4 thoughts on “On Friday, We Muse…”

  1. It seems like the French knew about money over-printing a couple hundred years ago…
    As far as REPUBLICAN Judge Head of Lubbock goes-“Any news is good news.” right? I especially liked(laughed) when reading the Seattle Intelligencer Editor about Head’s comments, but please, as always keep your powder dry! Thism just goes to show you it is not who is in power that determines tax increases, some are just better(more experienced) at rationalizing the increases.

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