One Thing You May Not Know About Me…

…(or care) is this little factoid. I really like to listen to Christmas music/Holiday music on the radio. When my oldies station in Dallas, KLUV, goes from oldies to all Christmas/Holiday music each year, I get happy and excited.

Please know, I am not super wild about the sillier Holiday music. I am not too interested in snowpeople, reindeer, hippopotami, or pre-pubescent percussionists. In fact, I sometimes think, during the month we get all seasonal music, I might erupt in violence if I have to hear another song about any of the aforementioned pests.

I mean, the whole Snow-People thing just tantalizes those of us who live in the drought stricken Southwest. Snow? Rain? Give us a dark cloud two days in a row.

Reindeer? Uh, this is Texas. Everybody has a gun (large) and a permit (expansive). Santa flies higher over this state. I assume he is packing.

I cannot remember seeing a hippopotamus in the wild here in Texas. There was a large mammal grazing the buffet at Golden Corral one night, but the light was bad and I can’t be sure. At any rate, I do not want one for Christmas, or any other holiday.

As for Little Drummer Boys, who plays a drum for a sleeping baby? This is not a good idea. Do not do this. Just don’t.

Nor would I be amused by a grandmother run over by a reindeer. I am married to such a person (grandmother, not reindeer) and, after forty Noels together, I would be hard pressed to wrap the gifts without her.

All that being said, I listen to the music for the whole five weeks. I vow to tune in again next year if they play it all again. I love the sacred music and the smooth voices of Nat King Cole, Andy Williams and the great Karen Carpenter.

So, I am listening as I drive. Even if I have to turn the AC down to Polar to make it feel like Christmas weather. I really like the music, the feel and the Season of Advent.



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