One Tough Decade: Fooled and fooled and fooled again. No More.

   The first decade of this century, now about to expire (the decade, not the century; one could hope) is a tough one to take. From Enron to the Balloon Boy to Tiger Woods (a family man; lots of families, apparently) to Ted Haggard (homosexuality is always sin; except when he does it; then it is sin, but not really and he is a sinner, but not actually) to any number of political lapses, the case for truth is never more in doubt. 

   Do the organizations you most closely associate with know your needs and care to meet them? Can you have confidence in the leadership of the organizations? Trust is hard to build and almost impossible to rebuild. I entered this decade  with some small faith in two organizations; one no longer exists and the other did so poorly it changed its name and then appointed a committee (actually, the same old committee with the same old faces; look for exciting news soon) to decide why no one comes to see it any more.

   There are no smart business guys anymore. All of them lost a zillion dollars last year. Some of them got caught with their hands in the cookie jar (Ken Lay and Bernie Madoff) but all of them lost a bucket of bucks. 

   The world is warming dangerously, except it is actually colder and this is because of global warming. Or Al Gore.

   We rushed into Iraq because there were weapons of mass destruction. Four thousand American lives later, we still cannot find them, but they may be in Iran. More later.

   Somebody needs to tell some truth, if not the truth, at least as much of the truth as they know.

   I no longer trust corporate Christians. They are Christians when it suits, until they suddenly need to be corporate, then the suits come out. They are what they need to be at the moment but I just can't trust someone(s) who can be so fervently different, with equal passion for each persona, from act to act.

   Tomorrow, if allowed, I am going to start outlining how we take this thing back over. It is time for the cavalry to come riding over the hill, banners waving, trumpets blaring, sabers shining in the sun.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone, not those of the church I serve, or any other person.

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