Open Borders

The Socialists who wish to open our Southern borders do not tell us everything. They believe we are stupid but they do not believe we are so stupid we will buy into open borders if we know the facts.

A nation without borders ceases to be a nation. Yes, this is the 21st century and borders are not what they once were. That is, borders are more amorphous, if you are the USA. Other nations manage to maintain their borders.

A friend of mine decided to move to Canada. He had a business idea. He intended to move to Canada to establish his business, for various reasons.

To emigrate to Canada, he had to show he had the means to support himself and that he had no criminal record and that he was not the subject of any civil suits in the USA and that he had enough money to support himself until he got his business up and going. He had to do all those things and agree to support the government of Canada. And, he had to come in through a port of entry, not just mush a dog sled across the border in the dark of night. And, he was told he could not immediately take part in all the social programs available to Canadian natives.

Canada manages to keep out the Iffy Americans.

China, Japan, keep going. They keep their borders. Try to enter the UK to live. There are, shall we say, some forms to be filled. Mind the gap, as they say.

People coming up from our South to the USA are not rapists, gang members or evil persons. The masses of people coming our way are hungry and desperate. The Socialist nations from which they come have failed them, over and over again.

Our greater worry is not their lack of morality. We have plenty of that, homegrown. Our concern might be more the thing Texans worry about when someone moves here from California. We are happy to see them, welcome, great, but don’t move here and try to make us California.

Legal immigration allows the host nation to welcome in persons eager to assimilate into the culture of the host nation. America is a huge melting pot but there is still an American culture. We ought to try to maintain that culture, which is the envy of the world.

Socialists who promise free everything do so to establish a voting bloc.

Those who accept the idea of free everything will not vote against the party they believe gives them the free stuff. Here is part of the problem.

We have been hearing for years the politicians have spent so much of the Social Security pot on other programs, there will be nothing there for our children and perhaps not for us, though we have paid and paid and paid. Now, Socialists politicians propose to open up social benefits to persons who have not paid in to the programs.

How does this work?

I posit this certainty; the Washington politicians, life long politicians, like Mr. Biden, Ms. Warren, Mr. Sanders (who has managed to get very rich while pushing Socialist policies on others) just do not know how business works in the real world. Is it possible they hate Mr. Trump so much because he is a businessman, not a politician, and they are frustrated he does not play the old game by the old rules?

Is it not possible, even probable, the life long politician like the ones listed above, who so badly wish to be President, will promise anything to everyone in order to establish a reliable voting bloc? I fear it is so.

Wake up, Americans. When is the last time free everything worked anywhere, for anyone? We can wish for that end of the rainbow, good old Bubble Up Stew, but, really does anyone think these oddball plans will work for people who work?

Tomorrow: An unarmed citizenry.

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