OU Football: Mea Culpa

 Bob Stoops, the Stooper, is the official college football coach of this website, only he does not know it and I do not pay him money.

In fact, when OU plays anyone else in the world, other than my beloved UT, I pull for OU. I was incensed a few years ago when the replay official decided to take lunch rather than look at a TV screen. If you are an OU fan, you know exactly what I mean.

And I still think OU beat Osborne and the Huskers way back when. You know the one.

But, when Crimson and Cream abuts burnt orange, we have to go with God’s will. God loves Texas or He would not have given us Oklahoma to pick on.

So, I love me some Oklahoma, some Sooner football, some Bob Stoops and the like. Until, this week, each year.

Hook ’em, Horns.

And, Radical Chaositist  Todd Littleton has accepted my wager on the game. It is a cyber wager. When UT wins, he uses the UT logo on his site for a week. Should the unthinkable occur and my Tea-sips lose, I will display the Zero-U for a week here at RickDDavis.com.

Not likely. Texas by 7.


Opinions here are mine alone.

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  • 2 thoughts on “OU Football: Mea Culpa”

    1. This past weekend was the weekend of upsets. I was at the TCU v Iowa game. Iowa was supposed to loose by 7. They didn’t. As I recall, UT was schooled by WVU. Something that I wasn’t expecting. All I’m saying is, be ready for a little red and cream to fancy up your website. 🙂

      Full Disclosure: I’m a Baylor fan.


    2. Tim,

      I had sensed your Baylor sympathies. Sad, very sad.

      Yes, UT let down again and lost a game they could have won to a team playing its hardest. It was Obama/Ryan all over again.

      OU is favored by 3 points in the Red River Rivalry this weekend, so for UT to win, it would count as an upset.

      I am with my burnt orange boys.

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