Our thanks to these givers…

…among others we have already mentioned.

Chains of Grace is very grateful to all our givers. I have mentioned some of those who are new givers, but now we have even more and I want to take note of them.

Alice Lail just sent s super generous gift. Thanks so much.

Regular monthly gifts just came from Grant Walsh, Mike Marshall and Bill Curry. You guys are our life’s blood.

In trying to reach a September Director’s Matching Fund Goal of $1000, we gained several new givers. And, two others sent $1000 matching grants as well, so everything up to $3000 is matched. We are near to reaching that goal and are very grateful.

Remember, our Victory Goal is $8200 to replace the money spent on new AC at our sister ministry, Haven of Rest.

I hope to have that amount in hand by September 30, so please send your gifts to day if you can do so.

In October, we will seek to replace another $8000 we spent to make a video to promote this ministry. This is another $8000, we believe will help explain who we are and what we do for men and women coming out of prison.

Go to www.chainsofgrace.org, click on the Donate button and follow the prompts. Please give what youc an monthly.

Please ask your church to include us in your missions budget. We do what a church should do but no church is set up to do what we do.

Send a check made out to Chains of Grace to PO Box 1344 Midlothian, TX 76065.

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