Our thanks to these givers…

…among others we have already mentioned. Chains of Grace is very grateful to all our givers. I have mentioned some of those who are new givers, but now we have even more and I want to take note of them. Alice Lail just sent s super generous gift. Thanks so much. Regular monthly gifts just… Continue Reading

Let Me Explain

This site, www.rickddavis.com, belongs to me as my domain. I loaned my space and time to Chains of Grace ministry to help build up the outreach contact list for our ministry. I also included COG on all my social media. Of course, I retain the right to use this space for the usual reasons. Here… Continue Reading

Chains of Grace

Chains of Grace is a Christ centered, privately funded non-profit ministry intended to provide re-entry services for men and women coming out of incarceration. We are a residential program but our services encompass all the needs a person might have to re-enter society. How can you help us? This week we started to put up… Continue Reading

We Should Never Forget What We Have Forgotten

Eighteen years have flown by us. In eighteen years we have returned to Identity Politics, Advocacy Journalism and Racial Division. We have Road Rage, Mass Shootings, Rampant Homelessness. We continually lose the War On Drugs, the Battle at our Borders and the Social Strife at the intersection of our victim laced culture. We should never… Continue Reading

Chains of Grace

I have spent a good portion of this week at this site sharing some of my political concerns about the upcoming 2020 election cycle. I am very concerned. We still need to exceed our goal here at Chains of Grace. Chains of Grace is a Christ centered, privately funded, non-profit charity. Chains of Grace provides… Continue Reading

My Eyes Are Bleeding

For years I have used a phrase to explain how I feel when listening to something so banal, so silly, so stupid, I have no other way to describe it. I say, “My eyes are bleeding.” Apparently, VP Joe Biden, D-Outer Space, feels my pain. At the third Democrat debate last evening, Mr. Biden’s left… Continue Reading

This Site is Pro-Israel

I am terrified to see how elements of the US Congress have turned suddenly and certainly against our great ally, the nation of Israel. I believe this is a potentially deadly reversal of American foreign policy. Let me take a moment to list some of the reasons I believe America must remain pro-Israel The Bible… Continue Reading

Beloved, I Am About…

…to finish up some works for our ministry. Then, though I have given up on vacation and stacation, I have decided to take a Praycation. My last vacation was three years ago when I wrecked my truck and broke my neck. I laid around for awhile after that one. I have never had a stacation… Continue Reading

I Can Only Imagine. Then, I Cringe

Beloved, as the week and the month near their end, imagine something with me. Imagine you are in a place where you live under the rule of persons who are not freely elected and cannot be popularly recalled. These persons control the distribution of all food, clothing and employment. The leaders cannot be criticized. Those… Continue Reading