An Ethic of Death: The Guns

I have noted in this space (recently) my overall aversion to assault weapons in the hands of civilians like the “cussed mean” boy in El Paso. I hold to that position. I will now argue the other side. There are two sides here on this blogsite, unlike at some of our major news outlets. The… Continue Reading

An Ethic of Death: Insanity

The men who commit these random acts of violence called mass shootings are not insane. They have memory, the ability to plan and appreciation for the possible consequences of their actions. Many choose to kill themselves rather than to be punished by any other hands, which shows their appreciation for their own standing. They are… Continue Reading

A Death Ethic

Mass shootings in four American cities last week have us performing the usual rites of our society after these all too frequent occurrences. Announce our sadness and add our prayers for the survivors, blame the guns and the gun owners, spill vitriol on the political party we do not support and hug our loved ones… Continue Reading

Insist on the right to love your President

I love Donald Trump. I loved Barack Hussein Obama. I loved George W. Bush I….loved….um…I…loved…Oh, dear…I…loved…William Jefferson Clinton. I loved George Herbert Walker Bush. I loved Ronald Reagan. I loved Jimmy Carter. I loved Gerald Ford. Yes, I loved Richard Nixon. I am old, but that is about as far back as I go. Those… Continue Reading

Robert Mueller Did a Fine Job…

…before Congress. I grant you, the report, which will always bear his name, is of dubious worth. The 19 Leftists who actually produced the report certainly did what they could to create doubt about President Trump. Their work will pursue him even after he leaves office in less than six years now. Since they could… Continue Reading

And, then, we all grew up…

I was a teenager in the 1960s. Now, I grew up in Texas, so we were not so caught up in the Hippie world, though the boys grew out their hair and wore Hippie type garb. We did listen to the music and a lot of people smoked cigarettes they rolled themselves. Not Bull Durham,… Continue Reading

Coming Tomorrow, August 1, 2019

Beginning tomorrow, August 1, 2019, we begin a daily series running up to the November 2020 election. Between now and then, mainstream media and advocacy journalists will put a lot of information in front of the American electorate. The Russians, Chinese and North Koreans, along with the Iranians, will blow their own color of smoke… Continue Reading

July. Good bye

In July of 2018, our family had these experiences: July 13-Learned we had lost our grandson July 19-Grandson stillborn July 21-Funeral for grandson July 23=Sudden death of my older brother July 27-Funeral for older brother This is the first anniversary of these various unhappy events. I admit I am reliving the two week period beginning… Continue Reading