We Give Thanks

Chains of Grace understands life goes on when a man goes to prison. His family struggles to make life work. His children grow and their needs multiply. Chains of Grace invested a considerable amount of time, money, effort and energy this last in 2019 in ministry to the wives and children of our brothers behind… Continue Reading

Before I Go…

…I want to see 1,000 people giving a minimum of $25 per month to Chains of Grace Ministry. Some of us already give more than that amount. Some give much more than $25 per month, so I can already thank many of you over and over again. Thanks be to God for you. Your gifts… Continue Reading

An Unarmed Citizenry: Page Two

My wife works at a local Baptist college. Our oldest granddaughter attends said college. Our youngest son is Campus Counselor at DBU. He stayed on the campus all day and tinto the night counselling student and faculty, at person risk to his own safety. He arrived careworn and exhausted but safe at his home about… Continue Reading

An Unarmed Citizenry

I promised this the next time I got to post.Then I went more than a week without a post. This is probably not as helpful as it would be if I could post more often. Please let me give you this little Whine of the Week before I post the intended material. So, I am… Continue Reading

Open Borders

The Socialists who wish to open our Southern borders do not tell us everything. They believe we are stupid but they do not believe we are so stupid we will buy into open borders if we know the facts. A nation without borders ceases to be a nation. Yes, this is the 21st century and… Continue Reading

The Socialist Agenda

Ok, I spent two weeks posting about our ministry and asking for financial help, since we do not take any tax money. That is correct, not a penny of government control (I mean support) do we take. During this time, I have also spent some hours looking over the Socialist Agenda for the 2020 election… Continue Reading

Mr. Churchill and Mr. Lincoln

I have two shelves of books in my small library about Mr. Lincoln. I have two shelves of books about Mr. Churchill.The books on those four shelves are old friends to me. I have been through them page after page, again and again. Mr. Lincoln saved the Union and Mr. Churchill saved Western civilization, when… Continue Reading

My Happy Thanks

To all who strove to send me birthday wishes, many thanks. There were hundreds of you. You are my friends. My deep and abiding thanks to my family. Joan arranged to take me to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night. We enjoyed a wonderful time. All our children and grandchildren were at our… Continue Reading