How to Forgive Transgressors

Billy and Ruth Graham were each buried in custom made coffins. The coffins were a gift from some gifted admirers. The two coffins each came from the famous Angola Prison in Louisiana. The Angola prison is famous for a reason. There is an execution chamber there and it it gets

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Meditation As Prayer

Christians meditate. Of course, I mean Christians are urged to meditate. Christians ought to practice Christian meditation. Christian meditation, as prayer, is not the simple repetition of some single word or sound. Christian meditation involves seeking God to be directed by God. Eastern meditation is intended to help empty one’s

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And, now, let us pray

Of course, any of us who ever sat in a worship service, or went to Sunday School or read a Bible, knows we need to pray. This 2021 series of (intended) 365 days on prayer, is to help us decide to act on what we know. If we never learn

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Praise and Intercession

The older I get, the more certain I am our prayer should always include praise. Let us start with that intention; to offer praise and honor to God. Is God some ego maniacal being who needs us to stroke some eternal vanity? Let us look at our prayer life as

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Pray to Glorify God and Unite Christians

Again, this blog site will primarily carry information on the subject of Christian prayer for 2021. Simply put, we need miracles in our churches, in our families and in our country. We cannot be like the Eastern faiths and assume we will gain entry into nothingness by our labored acts.

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2021-The Year of Prayer

In 2021, this blog site will be committed to issues of prayer. By issues of prayer, I mean how to pray, when to pray, what to pray about each day and how to keep on praying. Those who follow this blog post will be asked to pray for somethings and

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