I am writing more today for several reasons. Among them are these:

I have no games today and I do not want to spend the day watching football, as good as it is to sit in one's recliner and watch others exert themselves.

Yesterday, my trainer told me, "Don't do anything tomorrow." The she added the word, "Please." I think it is possible I am overtraining.

The year 2009 is half over already. I know this is true because I am in a bookstore and there is a sign that reads, "2009 calendars. One-half off." Ergo, 2009 must be half over, or at least, half devalued, and there is so much I still need to do.


   A lot of people can make you unhappy. Only you can decide if you will take unhappy all the way over to unhealthy

   You can get with your medical professional and ask, "Am I healthy? If so, what can I do to stay healthy while I age? If not, what can I do to get healthy?"

   You can subject yourself to peer review. Let a trusted peer hear your preaching/teaching, read your writings, pore over your schedule and make suggestions.

   You can decide what you are going to be good at 10,000 hours from now. That is the number of hours required to gain some proficiency at a job, an avocation or a hobby. What are you going to do with your next 10,000 hours?

   You can keep a journal to see how you grow. Lack of reflection is hurting you. You wake up in a new world every day. This is not all good.

   Keep your journal and give it to your oldest child one year after your finish it. Do another and give it to your next child. When you run out of children, give the next one(s) to your peers.

   Yes, I write mine on asbestos.

   You can seek out coaches and mentors. Mentors offer advice and insight, based on their own experience. Coaches put you in the position where your gifts are best utilized in a competitive context as that context requires your use of your gifts. In addition, they give you adjustments during the match and provide some emotional push, which we call motivation.

   You can pray deeply and meditatively. In fact, meditative people stand out among the merely active in the same way a conditioned athlete sticks out among the muscularly flaccid. Decide your Christianity on this basis: Which do you use more, your phone or your knees?

   You are not a counselor until you listen to what you say. You are not a coach until you work to put someone in their best spot. You are not a Christian until you see everything through a spiritual prism.

   Your pain is real, pastor. Pain means something is amiss. Treat your pain with the respect it deserves.

   If money is your weakness/temptative experience, do two things. Put a wall between you and anyone else's money. Also, discover what it is about money that so attracts you. Stuff? Power? Prestige? What is it about dirty paper that so focuses your attention?

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