Pastors and Political Substance

   I (briefly) posted a few weeks ago about why I post on political issues, even issues as mundane as campaigns, since, after all, I am a pastor and we are universally known to be fat, stupid and cowardly. I left it up a few days, took it down and then got deluged with questions about why I took it down.

    Let me try again, with a bit less stridency.

   To be a pastor these days requires adherence to a certain set of protocols I simply will not abide.

  •    You must advocate one party, the GOP, which, as we know, stands for God's Own Party. Then, the GOP gives you a Centrist Republican (translation: Moderate Democrat) like John McCain (God bless and keep him, he is a hero) and Mitt Romney (God save his eternal soul from the LDS cult), who feel so vulnerable in their Centrism they must choose people they would not dine with for VP. If the VP candidates are so good and straight, why is their name not on top of the ticket?
  • You must demonize the other Party and all who sympathize with it. Nope.
  • When pressed, you must toe the party line (see above) and then retreat quietly.

   This is why I often say what passes for prophetic preaching these days is really not anything more than pandering to local prejudices. So, we don't have prophets.

   Various sources on both sides have called the 2012 US Presidential election the most important of the century, now or later. We are drowning in debt, stuck on 23 million in unemployment, millions more underemployed and have a marvelous health care elite but more and more people are locked out of it. Tax cuts and wars will not balance the budget. I assure you the new president will not be able to fight it out overseas or hold anyone's taxes where they are in the near future.

   And, pastor, you are to smile wanly and shut your mouth, while your country, your church and your people flow downstream to where history eddies out into the gulf and is swallowed whole, leaving the good, dry land to other world systems. Nope.

   So, I plunge on.



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