Pastor(s): The Church as Sacred Monster, the Bully and the Wayward Prince (Finale)

   The church is the Sacred Monster, not occuring naturally in Creation but invented, fissible and so temporary. The fissible material in the church makes the institution a dangerous bully, as the bully depends upon the capacities he has without ever seeking to develop the capacities he needs. That is, a bully is a bullies because he can.

   The church might be the Wayward Prince, no longer content to reign on high, as though it is the Church Triumphant now, instead of the Church Militant, on mission, in a meaningful conflict to resist the oh-so-active forces of evil in this world. The Wayward Prince sleeps in a cave to find his Vision, is more a relation builder than a rule maker and finally emerges from his cave sanctuary to dwell in the midst of the common ones as a common one, made different only by inner charisma, which thing I define as the uncommon presence of a gracious God.

  The church has a mission; to make complex truth simply clear. The church building is not a lecture hall. It is a laboratory; that place where we seek for some kind of analytical precision in mystery, that we might somehow know the unknowable.

   The Bully never learns. The Sacred Monster is not touched. The Wayward Prince, it is, then, who is the cultural metaphor of the church as an entity able to learn and eager to be touched. A Bully is a Line Drawer. A Sacred Monster is unfathomable. A Wayward Prince is a magnet, a touchstone of immense power.


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