I don't know that many Christians.

   I spend most of my time with church members.

   Church folks aggravate the actualization of error with the burden of knowing better than to do what we do. We are in large part a mass of unhealthy, unhappy people who require you to mirror our diseases in a conflagration of pusillanimous conformity; the kind that cheapens you and and does not enrich us.

   If this were not true, we would be changing the world for the better.

   There must be a better way. I hope to find it but I do not find many who wish to look for an open door, let alone a better way.

   I knocked out six games this week, so far, and some 5 hours of workout heavy exercise in addition to the 10 hours it took to run off six games. I will do nothing today that I do not have to do because I am so needful of rest. I am going to eat my green leafies and drink water. I think my electrolytes are out of balance and that is why I feel less well than I want.

   Yet, I am well. I am strong and powerful for a man of any age, let alone a man who has been on the planet for awhile. Mostly, I am strong and powerful and well, for I am not afraid. I once called fear caution but it was fear. I feared what all people fear at some time in their lives. I feared being left outside the circle, the one where the light shines, with every man's back turned to me and every face set to smile on another.

   Let me tell you, my life went outside the circle while in denominational service. When I would not practice the unethical, or smile at the illegal or embrace the incompetent, I began to see the back of a lot of heads. The circle tightened down. I lost my place in the circle, for those men whom others laud as standards of excellence and ethics.

   Let me tell you that anything will hold water if it sinks low enough.

   There has to be a better way and I intend to find it.

   Meanwhile, I am well and strong and powerful. Weep not for me but for yourselves.

   I am going to be a Christian if I have to leave church to do it.

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  1. I don’t think leaving the church is the answer, maybe just the church in Texas. (Although there are some good Christians doing a lot of good work in Austin)

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