Please Match $1000 for Chains of Grace by the end of 2019.

WE succeeded with our $1000 Director’s Challenge in September. We succeeded so well we had reached the September goal by the end of August.

Will you help us make this happen again?

I will match any new giving we receive by December 31, 2019. This is sacrificial giving from our family. Will you join us?

We are also receiving good gifts through our Facebook Challenge. We want to have 1,000 people giving at least $25 per month. Will you help us?

In all the people Chains of Grace helped impact, more than 500 we touched one way or another, only one went back to jail. We have not left him, either. We write him several times each week We definitely want to follow and encourage him.

And to share with you more reasons to help, watch our showcase of films highlighting all we accomplish through Him here:

Will you help us?

Please match our $1000 Challenge by offering all or any part of this gift.

Please go to our Facebook account and enter your intent to give $25 per month, or more, in recurring fashion.

You can also do what I usually do give directly. Send a check to Chains of Grace at PO Box 1344 Midlothian, TX 76065.

Please help us help these men.

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