Please Name Your Hero

Please let me be plain about what I mentioned yesterday. Whose statues will replace the statues being destroyed?

Perhaps we should declare a hundred year moratorium on monument construction in America. A prudent elected local body might resolve to grant no permit for tax payer funds to be used in construction, maintenance, defense or refurbishing of any statues or monuments honoring any person or persons, causes or events.

Such a resolution will certainly save money. Perhaps tax money previously used for monuments to our shared past will be returned to the tax payers.

This is not any sillier than allowing Socialists to secede from the Union, build a huge wall, deface private property, enlist a heavily armed militia and start shooting people. Two shootings have occurred in the Republic of Chop in the last 48 hours. A 19 year old black man was killed. Now another has been shot and had to be sent over the border into America for treatment at American tax payer expense.

The Seattle Summer of 2020 may not be a summer of love after all.

My resolution to preclude monument construction for at least a century will not answer the question as to who ought to be honored. Please remember my assertion from yesterday that all monuments ought to stand or fall on one question; do they deserve to stand?

For those tearing down granite will still have to answer our question as to they identity of their heroes. I believe many of the residents of Chaz/Chop and many others like them would offer Lenin or Marx or even Stalin, antifascists all, as heroes.

So, people of Chop, who are your heroes?

This series of posts on what we might do, short of war, to save our poor, bleeding nation, now asks the question of the rioters who supposedly want only equality, Who are the heroes of your heart who might replace the shared heroes of our common past? It is fair to ask and you should be willing to answer unless there is something you feel you need to hide.

We now know some would destroy any memory of any Confederate general or statesman or soldier. The Northeners of their time called them traitors, so you have precedent. The faded memories of the Lost Cause (know your history, it will help you) still meddle in our midst, but that is America, isn’t it?

What do I mean?

Britain almost took back its former colonies in 1812 and remained our bitter enemy for a hundred years. Then America rushed to aid Britain twice in the twentieth century. The British might disagree but America worked hard to rebuild their nation after 1945.

And, you will remember the Marshall Plan, out of which America rescued Western Europe from starvation and ruin. Germany and Japan, the fascist, imperialist kind of powers you claim to hate (it is hard to tell because you change your aims so often) were rebuilt into the mighty economic powers they are today by the largesse of the American people.

Please name another dominant historical power known to conquer an enemy’s homeland only to then return that homeland to the conquered people or, if you can, give us the name of any dominant historical power known to pay the price to enrich the conquered lands. Just name one.

Memories of Columbus, a Genoan, of Abraham Lincoln, of US Grant, of Theodore Roosevelt, of Jefferson or Washington all are fair game. The Texas Ranger statue in Dallas is gone. Other public monuments are being removed, but for their protection as much as for anything.

So, we now start to see who is unacceptable. Who is acceptable in your eyes? Will their monument stand the test of time? Would their commemoration even withstand the scrutiny of the moment? What would happen if we looked at the works of your heroes?

The destruction of public property and the confiscation of private property around our nation is the work of the Far Left, not the mid-Left. Communists, as you will recall from your history, are first anarchists, then nihilists, then genocidal maniacs. First, destroy. Always condemn. Finally, kill.

The petri dish of anarchy, equal parts nihilism and murder, currently steeping in Seattle, is a harbinger of what is to come. The inability of local elected officials to protect the citizenry is almost certain to push the problem up the ladder of government to the state and then the federal level. This is not good.

The US Armed Forces should not have to be used to defend local citizens and their property. The Armed Forces, God bless them all, are mission oriented. Give them something to do and they will bring the necessary amount of force. The presence of some video cameras and high pitched squealing will not deter soldiers. Do not pray for the day when the American military must patrol the streets of American cities.

So, let us have a talk, instead.

For the rebels in our midst, please understand how deeply your hypocrisy seems to run. You take away the rights of others. Then, though you hated on Mr. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump when they argued for a Southern wall, the first thing you did was build a wall around yourself. Then, you defaced the property of others. Then you armed militia, though you are for gun control. Now someone in your midst has killed an unarmed young black man and seriously wounded another man.

So, you will understand, if your convictions are so malleable, we must wonder about your conscience. At the very least, we feel it is acceptable to ask you to identify your heroes, since your desires seem to sway to and fro.

Who do you love?

Name your hero.

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