Prayer for February 12, 2010-Nature is Not History, or What’s The Living For?

Dear God,

Nature is great.

I wish spring were here.

The air is cold at night.

In July I will wish autumn would come

because the air is too hot in the day.

The weather makes me a classical materialist

like Democritus or Lucretius.

They were the true materialists,

worshipers of fallen creation

without the artifice of Christan pity

for the ones 

under creation 

when it fell.

They would like the whole idea of evolution

and believe it bears up the progressive nature of history,

when it fact it is quite cold and mean

and even accidental.

Sometimes what is strong and good


just because it is strong and good.

Viruses attack healthy hosts

because the hosts are healthy.

It makes one wonder if the strong really do survive

or if we are left mostly 

with what the viruses don't want.


I love nature

but don't want to see it as determinative,

since you seem to say

 you will regenerate it all in the end, anyway.

So, could I have some sunshine today, please?

It is soooo cold.


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