Prayer Guide for October of 2009

   Aintsobad still has one companion blog, which I call PastorsPal. That name may make you think it is only for pastors and I may need to rethink that one.

   For September, I wrote devotionals each day for thirty days, though my Type-A obsessive compulsive disorder made me get ahead by several days. Those devotionals are still there. You can use them.

   Or not.

   For October, I am putting up a Daily Prayer Guide, featuring ministries, institutions and prayer needs from around the world. If you believe in God, believe that God cares and that God acts, then you naturally believe in prayer. You can find the prayer guide posts  over at'spal/. Since my hyperlink no longer seems to work and I don't know why, you can just click on the pastors pal name on the blog link below and to your left on this screen.

   For November, I am working on some stories. There is just nothing yet and it won't be a recurring book length thing like before but, fortunately the summer is done and Cassandra fled. Caliope is at work again. Know your muse, know your muse, know your muse.

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