Prayers for Peace: Friday, June 8, 2018

The recent events in the Conservative Resurgence version of the Southern Baptist Convention caused various persons who remember me from the old days to reach out for some thoughts from me. It is true I fought early and hard for the now long dead SBC, but those days are long behind me. For continued thoughts on the current matters, let me direct you to Todd Littleton, Wade Burleson and Ben Cole. I count each of these men as friends. I believe they have been both fair and accurate in their account of events occurring in the CRSBC.

I am long removed from that time. My energies are now consumed by our ministry to the “least of these my brethren” our Lord described in Matthew 25. For more information on our ministry, please go to

They are numerous ways to donate financially to our ministry.  You will find them on our website, mentioned above.

As to the continued turmoil in the CRSBC, with women ravaged and then broken down, a seminary president fired and then fired again, with one scandal after another in its various entities, I offer a day of prayer for peace. I see the CRSBC is about to meet (next week) in Dallas, Texas. I reside near Dallas. It will help our ministry here (and everywhere) if the CRSBC can somehow find a way to meet peacefully, give glory to God and then depart without leaving a mess behind it.


Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Make us golden vessels for your use. Let us bring peace, good, kindness and compassion. Lost souls watch what we do when we meet, even in small numbers. Somehow, Oh, Lord, let the CRSBC meet in loving kindness. If this is their last meeting together ever, let it be remembered as giving glory to God.

I pray this in Christ.



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