Preacher, Here is One You Can Use: The Fruit of the Kingdom

I made a pledge to try my best to post each day again. This very busy week started with a super busy Lord’s Day, but, if there is ever another Lord’s Day and you need something, dear preacher, here is something, a quote I remembered from some years ago, but could not use because I could not remember where I got it and, so, could not cite the author.

I found it in John Newport’s book on Revelation, titled The Lion and the Lamb. All you historical premillenialists need this book. In his concluding chapter on Revelation 22:1-5, Dr. Newport gives us Doctor Hubbard’s four things we get receive as The Fruit of the Kingdom.

They are:

  1. We receive the opportunity to worship without any impurity
  2. We receive the vision of God without any concealment
  3. We receive a relationship with God without any conflict
  4. We receive the ability to see the reign of God without any end

I found this again late one night recently. Insomnia is not all bad. I have not been able to forget it since I found it.

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