President Trump and Senator Biden

How did we get to the point where an incumbent President and a United States Senator take two hours to remind America how petulant children sound when left alone with a bad baby sitter? Since you do not necessarily love my political writings (my readership is up more than 200 per cent daily because you hate my musings and need to tell me so) I have decided to fall back on some psychology and a whole bunch of philosophy.

The ministry we have now called Chains of Grace (find our videos and testimonies at is mostly residential. We provide safe, affordable housing to men coming out of incarceration. The men apply to be part of our ministry.

And, psychologists, the overwhelming majority of men who fill out our application describe their relationship with their fathers as dysfunctional, abusive or absentee. Our ministerial staff spends a great deal of time being “fatherly.”

What has this to do with the 2020 United States Presidential race? Hold on to your Freud.

In President Trump and Mr. Biden we see two men still trying in their seventies to get their dad to admire them. The name calling, the virtue signaling, the preening, the finger pointing is part and parcel of the “look at me, Dad.”

President Trump comes out the winner here because he can have his children with him in all his enterprises. Mr. Biden must hide his remaining son because of the Ukrainian scandal, his drug abuse and various other matters. Mr. Biden cannot point to the past or the future as pride producing, so he has to resort to childishness, as in “Ah, just shut up, man,” spoken to the President of the United States.

I have to tell you I do not want the unfulfilled playground bully running the country.

Or, I could point to the mid-nascent Kantianism of the two, so I can be sure to muddle up the philosophers in our midst.

Kant, the godfather of Western post-modernism, spent his most productive years arguing against the classical proofs for the existence of God and, so, the purpose of Humankind as a created race intended for fellowship with God. Post-Modern thinkers, the good and the bad and the indifferent, have taken up Kantianism to describe Truth as humanistic and so subjective, then, rather than Truth defined and described as divine, and, so, objective.

We hear entire generational groups now postulating on “their truth.” Men claim to be women, women claim to be men (what a demotion, ladies) and parents who find their boys playing dolls and so order up hormone treatment for four year olds, since they have the right to “their truth.”

Mr. Biden accepts Kantianism and so offers us “his truth.” He claims to have started out his studies at a Historically Black College (he did not), he claims to have graduated with three degrees (he did not), he says he graduated at the top of his class (75th out of 86) and, well you get the idea.

President Trump says his inaugural in 2017 was the biggest ever. Uh, no. He claims even the Democrat governors say he did a phenomenal job with his Covid response (one did, most did not) and brags on, well, everything. Some of this can be laid off on growing up rich with the prolonged adolescence that may entail, but, if we are to claim Mr. Biden lies, we have to apply the same “my truth” standard to President Trump.

Both candidates have issues with the spoken word. At least, they are not always morally correct.

If we look for moral leadership as Immanuel Kant offered in his seminal works, we have to try our leadership by what they actually do when given the opportunity. Mr. Biden spent 47 years in Washington agreeing with the strongest personalities around him, even when the strongest men around him were old fashioned segregationists. President Trump spent most of his life as a New York Democrat who rejected the appeal of his party to run for office. He saw weakness in both parties and electability in the weaker of the two. His first elective office was President of the United States; it’s all downhill from there.

Why did Mr. Biden tend to hang with the strongest personalities of his day, Senators Talmadge, Eastland, Thurmond and Governor Wallace? He needed a strong daddy to watch him.

Why did President Trump wait until late in life to actually run for the most powerful office available in elective politics? His dad did not want him to be Mayor of NYC or governor of New York.

Why do they both have flirtations with Truth and outright trysts with Humanistic Subjectivism? Well, I just spent about a page saying why. Their daddy was their daddy, but Mr. Kant was their great-great-great grand-daddy.

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