Mr. Obama: Presidents Do Not Get Vacations

   President Obama, may God bless and keep him and his family safe from all harm, is on a vacation trip. I know because my plane was held up a week ago at JFK to let his plane get in and out without incident.

   I was exhausted. I admit it. Sixteen hours in the air from Tel Aviv, preceded by three hours in Ben Gurion airport prior to departure, followed by three hours in JFK, then followed by a three hour flight to DFW. I was tired.

   It is a week later. I have read and heard one thing after another about our President's vacation, may God provide him with rest and peace. From what I can tell, various commentators begrudge him this two week hiatus.

   Public officials do not actually get vacations. Anytime you can be called in the middle of the night for a decision, you are not on vacation. If you have to receive a global security briefing before you can go play Putt-Putt, you are not on vacation. If you live in the same house where you work all the time, you are never off work.

   One need not wonder about why President Obama, we pray for him daily, looks a good deal grayer than he did three years ago. Mr. Obama, please stop smoking, shoot some hoops, where we have seen you have skills. Please sit on the porch with Mrs. Obama, may the Lord watch over her night and day, and the girls, may the Lord guide their steps each day.

   Drink some iced tea, the national beverage of Texas. I hope the world leaves you alone for a day or so.

   And take the rest of the day off, if you can.



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