Protest is legal. Riot is not legal.

Please, my fellow Americans, see how our freedoms face erosion. In this space I posted months ago about how the right to keep and bear arms was not the amendment most in danger. Free speech, the right to worship, freedom of the press and the right to. peaceful assembly were in danger, I felt, and this was before George Floyd and China virus.

Since then we have watched as one after another our freedoms have been restrained and our people retrained. Preachers and hair dressers have been arrested. People trying to protect their lives and property have been subject to confiscation of their arms and faced arrest.

Various officials have admitted to misleading us, while they insist we continue to take their word as gospel. I feel your outrage. In many ways I share your dismay.

The riots in American cities and the attacks on our police are outrageous. They are also illegal and require no new legal action to make them so.

Protest is legal. I can agree with the protests or take my business elsewhere. I do not care to watch a millionaire athlete kneel during the anthem so I just do other things with my time. I have not watched a mlb game since they returned. I have not bothered with NBA games or hockey or the NFL. I can choose to lodge my protest by ignoring the product and its sponsors.

For those who agree simply say so and then stick with it. /Please do not say you will not watch this year. The people in charge believe they can last a year and keep their sponsors happy. Tell them you are gone to stay as long as they behave this way.

But defend the right to peaceful protest. Peaceful protest is an American freedom. Do not let this current mess open us up to some draconian legislative acts against the rioters in our streets. The problem with asking government to help you with your anger is they will come with a hammer, which one day will be used against you.

You get to protest loudly in less than 90 days The general election is coming up. You can vote for the person and party of your choice.

Rioting and looting and burning and defacing public and private property is already illegal. Insist our elected officials act to make us safer by enforcing the laws on the books.

God Bless the USA.

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