Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Announces (Political) Atheism

   Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton, who prevously announced American voters should stay at home rather than vote during the coming US national elections and so throw the nation into political chaos, has now announced his (political) atheism. He clearly states that there is no God (party). 

   I would link to his latest mind boggling pronouncement, except:

  • Why read it for yourself and make up your mind, when you have me to do it for you
  • I can't get the link feature to work on typepad
  • It is more fun for me to twist Todd's words, thus giving me grist for the milling

   So, I tell you that Todd Littleton, Evil Man that he is, has now announced you are not ethically obligated to vote in November because there is no one Political Party uniquely sanctioned by the Holy Trinity (by which I mean Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not RNC, Rove and Palin). He does not fully explain his latest (political) blasphemy, so let me elucidate.

   In the 2012 US Presidential election, Mr. Obama currently leads Mr. Obama by 1% among likely voters recently polled. That is, with billions spent to sling mud and both convention meetings now complete, the incumbent president leads the challenging Mormon among likely voters by 46% to 45%. This is well within the margin of error, with many voters believing either choice would be a big error. Among Undecideds or Non-Committeds, the same survey has Mr. Obama up by 6%.

   Ergo, the better way for either candidate to win the election is not to get his base turned out but to do the best job of suppressing the vote. All studies indicate the better way to keep voters at home during a national election is to smear the opposing candidate and, thus, invite the opposing candidate to smear you. 

   So, Messrs. Obama and Romney, with all their surrogates, will spend billions of dollars to distort the image of their opponent and discourage voters. The winner will not be the fellow who gets his own base out but, rather, the one who gets the unlikeliest of voters to stay home, anyway. The winner of the US Presidential Election in 2012 may be the winner of a pitcher's duel. He may win 2-1, with ten millions abstentions.

   So, naturally, the God Party must be dismayed, discouraged, disenfranchised. Yes, it takes the Democrats three voice votes to put God back in their platform, by name, at least, but many, many Southern Republicans, the most solid of solid Southerners, have decided they have a hard itm e deciding for Mr. Romney, the super wealthy Mormon. 

   And now, uber-anarchist Todd Littleton gives the non-God folk all the impetus they require. No God party? I will just stay home. So, straight thinking is now come to this conclusion, that no one group has a monopoly on God, His name or politics.

   We are in deep trouble here.



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3 thoughts on “Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Announces (Political) Atheism”

  1. Todd,
    Thanks for the link, I guess.
    When you spoil what I am writing with facts, it makes my position more difficult. My goodness. How shall I mislead and manipulate if you are going to state reason and rationale?

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