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I just finished William Manchester’s third volume in the Churchill biography trilogy. Manchester died about 100 pages into the third volume, after a debilitating set of physical traumas. Paul Reid finished up for him, using Manchester’s great research. The third volume is the weakest of the three but it is very much worth the reading time. It is 1,053 pages of good work, though you can often tell where the historian/biographer Manchester stops and the journalist Reid takes up the work. Still recommended.

The second book I finished this week is Evan Thomas’s Ike’s Bluff, lots of good information about how President Eisenhower kept the economy growing and nuclear war at bay during his eight year premiership in the “50’s. Ike is being reevaluated by political writers and historians. His presidency looks better and better. Recommended reading, 416 pages and easy to read.

I just picked up Taylor Brand’s Parting the Waters and Pillars of Fire. This is good writing, has been out a while but I buy books at the used book stores these days, pay half price or less and get the same stuff, only a bit later. Brand gives insight and background on the American Civil Rights Movement of the fifties and sixties. Very much recommended.

Up next will be Evan Thomas on President TR and Ron White, Jr. on Lincoln. I have a two more books on Lincoln and one on Ike I want to get onto and then one on FDR I started, put down and have not picked up again. All in all, I have a pretty ambitious reading plan for the first quarter of the year.

Get to reading.

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