Referees Say: The Ball Will Find You

   Here is a brief follow up explanation to a recent blog post over at Renovation on how basketball referees tell other refs to call games.

   If you are scared, the ball will find you.

   In a two-person mechanic, with a lead (baseline) and trail (inside the 28 foot line) each referee basically covers half the court as primary responsibility. We all have games wherein it seems all bang-bang (quick, controversial) calls are in our area for awhile. It just happens. Then, the ball moves away from you, or the players get the message and quit mugging each other.

   I had times as a referee when I worked with partners who just did not want the ball to come their way. After all, you are standing on a court in a ref's uniform with a loud whistle in your mouth. You have to look thru the crowd of players, see the call, process the call, blow the whistle, drop the whistle, raise your hand to signal foul or violation, get the number of the fouler and the fouled player (if there are shots to be awarded), report to the table and your partner, spot the ball (if there are no shots) and get the game going again. You have to do this right now and hurry about it.

   Hurry, don't rush. 

   Get it right.

   There are some guys who just do not want close games with stress on every call. For these folks, the ball develops an unerring, guided missile aspect. Truth is, you are going to blow your whistle 40-60 times in a game, so the ball is going to come your way, anyway.

   It is like life. Life is going to come find you. You cannot be afraid. The ball will find you.


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5 thoughts on “Referees Say: The Ball Will Find You”

  1. “Hurry, don’t rush.”
    You continue to amaze me, Davis. So well struck.
    I forwarded your original post about this to a bunch of co-workers with the caveat that if they didn’t want to see these anymore to let me know. *crickets*
    Lot’s of positive remarks otherwise. You may have even seen a leap of 4 or 5 hits on your blog! 😀
    Keep passing your wit and wisdom our way. My life is richer because of it.

  2. You stir old memories of angst and anguish. They needed an ump, ‘No, I said, my brother is playing!. No!’ ‘We need an ump and your’e it!’
    Tie goes to the runner right? My brother was always on base and stealing somethng or other, so it had to happen. In the 7th, one run behind, and two to go, there he was, bouncing around on third, awaiting the the chance to show his speed to home plate. It came. Two out of three he wouldn’t tie, you know one with his speed should beat the throw, or if he jumped a little late then he would lose the race to home, but in slow ,moption there he was giving it his all down the third base line and that second basemean out there in short right grabbing turning and throwing, me standing there trying not to cheer the tying run, 2 utta 3 right, game over in the seventh cause nobody did nuttin’ the rest of the game.
    Oh well, I don’t need the prestige of that black padded chest cover, that black backwards cap, that black face mask or that little clicker in my hand, I just wanna sit and watch a good close game of fun loving players go at it. And cheer my team to the win. ‘Tie goes to the runner?!’ what kinda call would that look like anyway? 2 outta 3 says it won’t happen. sheesh Right here before Christmas I get this rush of guilt and my brother coming to town for the first time in 10 Chrismases–Thanks Dr D

  3. Brudder,
    They done you wrong.
    I was told to ump a game wherein my granddaughter was playing. She made the All-Star Team off that one game. I ruled everything in her favor, even if  she was on the bench at the time.
    They learned.

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