Religion: Can We Know? Addition to July 12, 2010 Post

  A beloved friend just emailed me about God and suffering, which is one of the knowledge issues Christians have to answer.

   I found myself, in regard to my own recent suffering (health) saying it helps me to think two things:

  1. Since God is working with my soul (though God cares about us physically as well) it is mostly incumbent on me to work on my character. Suffering suggests seeking to trust, so even the suffering does good work on my character, which is the ultimate battle ground. The body is an easy fix, the soul not so easy.
  2. Since God is my Ultimate Hope and Deliverer, and since God has already provided all that is required for my hope (assurance) and deliverance, I benefit if I can get past the point where I think God owes my anything else. If God has delivered God's Son (God's Self) for my hope and deliverance, well, what else is there?

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