Religion: Can We Know God? (18)-Interlude to Restate Purpose

   If you join us somewhere in the middle of this discussion, welcome, and please tell me how you know it is the middle of the discussion. I do not know where we are in this discussion and I am the writer.

   People keep asking me questions or offering insights as they do join our little troupe. It has been a happy experience to have somewhere to send those who feel they should doubt God because they have never read or heard anyone offer an alternative explanation. 

   This adds to the discussion.

   I do need to say again where we started from and what we meant from the start. I insist that God exists, that God is discernible, that God loves the human race above all Creation, while God loves Creation as well. I do not think God needs my defense but I do think some people need to have a source they can read easily to argue these points from the Theistic standpoint. Yes, there are others who do the same and certainly do it well. The lucidity of other writers/speakers does not relieve my personal responsibility to present my arguments day to day.

   Please know that I spend time each day meeting with persons, young and old, who simply think a dismissive assertion about verifiability is sufficient reason to dismiss the extant, persistent, compassionate God for all time. Some segments of Western culture have already dismissed God to their own detriment and ultimately, I fear, to their demise. British culture once gave us Shakespeare and Wren, whereas now they export Hitchens and an increasingly empty Anglicanism. Their generational loss of faith in God is now their most oft repeated claim to superiority, even as their cultural island vanishes into a sea of superficiality.

   Simply put, we should not let it happen here.

   In addition, I should repeat that this is not a site wherein all I do is argue for religion in general, even Theistic religion. I hold that Christianity, the faith once delivered to the Fathers (as opposed to the modernistic, neo-liberal version which seems to have a perverse need to devalue Jesus and deform God) is the last necessary Word of God. Jesus, the Christ, enters human history to show us truths of God we could never find left to ourselves. Christianity offers a God who may be sensed in the Law but is incarnated in the flesh of the Christ. Christianity offers a religion of legal compassion to all men but without the additions of jihad and assassin. Christianity posits recognizable, personal survival after death rather than nihilistic absorption into some ephemeral cosmic force.

   So, there it is, a simple answer to what this is all about and why I allow it to occupy some of my writing time. I can never cover all this when I am in a conversation with one of my friendly, local unbelievers. It is helpful to have a place to point them for more thinking on the subject. I am sure I could use some help in cataloging topics to make certain arguments easier to find. Still, my primitive attempts at numbering the installments may help some. In truth, I trust God to take persons to what I put up when they need it. I know some of my peers use some of what they find here and that they point others to this site.

   For now, that is enough for me.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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