Religion: Can We Know God? (19)-Evidence

   If we say God exists, and, if the apparent pronouncement is to be considered rational, then at some point some "evidence" for our faith statement must be offered. In this series I have tried to offer some "proofs" in the form of various knowledge based rebuttals for some standard argument against trust in God. 

   The "proofs" in the form of rebuttal to various incitements against God's existence presuppose the antagonist is serious about the matter to be discussed, which may not be true. If the antagonist is disinterested, questions about proof of God's existence may actually mean the questioner just does not see why faith in God might be helpful. If so, the conversation changes. The matter at hand is not whether or not God exists or whether or not the God who may or may not exist is discernible or whether or not the God who may or may not exist and who may or may not be discernible has any predisposition to love humankind.

   I have tried to say that God does exist, God is discernible and God does care to be intimately involved with humans. In addition, I have tried to offer Christian empathy for those who feel estranged from God and from the Christian community.

Some conversations with some folks ran awhile last night. Then, I discovered I cleverly let my phone run down to nothing, so I missed a number of calls and texts. I am returning them this morning in the order in which I missed them last evening. I will return to this site shortly to continue our discussion on evidence(s).

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