Religion: Can We Know God? (20)-Evidence(s)

   Please let me begin today with an illustrative story. 

   A man stopped a fellow on the street to ask directions to a local store. The first man, the one who needed directions, was just able to make the other fellow understand where he wanted to go for they did not speak the same language. With increasingly wilder gesticulations the fellow who knew where he was and where he needed to go tried to convey his information to the first fellow. They parted ways a few minutes later with much information but no knowledge having been transferred for the desired location was not in easy sight and the one fellow who needed did not speak the language of the fellow who knew.

   So it is that Man may miscommunicate with God because the desired goal is not in easy sight and we do not speak the Language of the Way. In order to see even where we might wish to get we will have to learn the Way. The King of the Way puts forth evidences of the Road, Inns for Rest in the Journey and, when necessary, often gives a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) push along the Way. There are even those times when He must seize us by the arm to guide us along His way, where we may or may not actually intend to go.

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