Religion: Can We Know God? (30)-Freedom of Thought and Why It is Not Egalitarianism

   Modern near-scientific anti-theism often speaks in the language of the egalitarian but insists on its spot at paramount, not just primary. In this event, the NSA-T's (Near Scientific Anti-Theists, and I ain't gonna type that every time, so, they are hereafter NSA-T's) demonstrate perfect the kind of perfect hypocrisy usually reserved for bishops or politicians. 

   The true egalitarian cannot have a doctrinal hegemony, in particular not one whose intellectual foundation is little more than "because I said so, that's why." Atheism is a defensible position, as is Christianity. Each must depend on persuasion to make its case.  Near-scientific anti-theism is doctrinal and dogmatic, not evidence based, because it asks (real) science to do something it cannot do, i.e., measure and test God for reliability.

    Simply put, there are many ways to debate the best (or even better) way to determine the best (or better) explanation for things. How you decide to explain things is not totally Kantian, or totally chaotic. You are going to look for order, eventually, and you will need something (Someone?) you can trust personally. 

   In an Age when so many other influences have disappeared, why has religion survived? Why do monotheistic religions flourish? Why is Christianity growing exponentially around the world today? This is the Information Age. Why is it the world's population has not caught up with "the con" yet?

   Indeed, when NSAT came to power in the totalitarian states like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, did a concomitant decrease in violence or rise in prosperity follow? These societies were notoriously egalitarian (based on national socialism) until they were not but the slaughter of millions ensued. 

   Does this mean we should do away with science because men do bad things with it? No. Nor should we dispatch religion because men do bad things with the freedom religion affords them. We should work to reform men, not science or religion. Religion for profit is valueless. Science without values is profitless.

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