Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table

Opinions expresseed here are my own, not those of the church I serve or any other person.  

  A man sits at a table. He discovers an apple and a paring knife on the surface.

   He is not hungry. He does not remember his last hunger pang.

   He knows he must eat. He reaches for the knife, instead of the apple.

   A man sits at a table, holding a knife and looking at an apple on the surface.

   He remembers a woman. Or is it a woman he imagines? He remembers, or creates, an incident during which he strikes the woman.

   He remembers, or devises, the look of fear and submission on her face.

   She is not pretty or ugly to him. She is someone he strikes.

   He recalls, or creates, the feeling of power he feels in bending her. He remembers, or imagines, the revulsion he feels after the power.

   For her.

   He is revolted by her.

   He feels his victimization.

   He holds the knife. He stares over the top of the apple.


3 thoughts on “Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table”

  1. “She is someone he strikes”, yes, ultimately fundamentalism must resort to violence (be it fundamentalism of the right or left).

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