Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table

Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the church I serve or any other person.  

 A man sits on a high back chair at one end of a long table near a single bare light. 

   He is alone.

   He holds a paring knife.

   An apple sits before him on the surface of the table. The apple is fresh and cold. It is easily within his reach.

   He cannot conceive of hunger.

   He can conceive of literal truth. He does not know, or imagine, or idealize, whole truth. He must, he apprehends, know literal truth.

   Literal truth is versatile. From literal truth, a man at a table can go on a line in any direction, and still rest on the line. He may touch any point on that line, as needed, and maintain the integrity of the line. He may companion himself with others along the line, as he has need.

   Except he has no need.

   The apple is easily within his reach. Yet, he holds only the knife.

   Whole truth is not linear, so he rejects whole truth. Whole truth is free-floating, in orbit about a central core and may demand a wide-eyed look, rather than a narrow gaze.

   He holds the knife. He looks at the apple.

7 thoughts on “Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table”

  1. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about a man sitting at a table. Does this indicate some form of insanity?

  2. A man sits at a table at Starbucks. He notices a cup of coffee and a laptop. He is not thirsty. He grabs the laptop. He feels a strange power coming over him. He writes.

  3. To moderate an exercise in obvious fundamentalism I dream the entrance of a Very, Very Old Personage who removes the knife kindly and gently from the YOUNG man’s hand, and while commending him for his attentiveness to stricture(which all begins to come back to him shortly) and lauding him with praise for his persistance; slowly, methodically and knowingly peels, pares and parses the apple into palpable pieces. The Very, Very Old Personage takes great pleasurein allowing the YOUNG man to maintain his idea of the beauty found at the core while increasing his understanding of the timing and serendipity unveiled in the proper preparation, delightful ingestion and easy digestion leading to expected and necessary amalgamation of the resource which seemingly has lain before him on such a pristeen surface as the intricately grained tabletop has proved in this room of unbounded love and enlightenment which has been provided for such a short and enthusiastic eternity as the Young man has experienced thus far.
    Anyway, it is titled Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table, by Rick Davis, Dr exceptional, and I RobertRe have hijacked it with my Grandfather’s understanding of apples and very, very young men(or women), and what God may have meant, if we were just patient.

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