Religious Fundamentalism: A Man Sits at a Table

Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the church I serve or any other person.  

 A man sits at on a chair at one end of a table in a room with a single bare light. He holds a paring knife in one hand. An apple sits on the surface of the table in front of him.

   He does not reach for the apple. Hunger eludes him.

   The apple vanishes. His face does not change. 

   He checks to ascertain the presence of the knife. It is still with him, set in one hand.

   After a time, an apple appears on the surface of the table before him. He does not reach for this apple. He is alone, except in his mind. He does not know if he exists, or if the apple is the same one as before or if there is such a thing as before or after or during. Time is neither his ally nor his enemy.

   He is alone.

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