Religious Fundamentalism: Governance

Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the church I serve, or any other person.  

 If God is to take us through this time of rising fundamentalism, on earth, it will be because we get our governance right. Religious governance in Western culture is a matter of adopting corporate actions, ten to twenty years after the corporate model passes out of acceptance. In the last decade, some of us watched (and interfaced) with a Christian corporate culture that ballyhooed a very expensive restructuring, which had as its center piece moving to an incoming and outgoing phone bank and some field operatives. It cratered, the old administration left and the new had to undue all the "improvements."

   That is not the worst news of the story. The worst news is this; no one held still while waiting for the Christian corporate culture to catch up. The rest of mankind sped on, to emails, texting twitter, you-tube and facebook, while the poor Christians were left wondering why their phones did not ring.

   This is one small example. The point it illustrates is simply this; if you do not get the governance part right, you are fairly certain to mess up the rest of it all.

   In the next few posts, I am going to pound again on the subject of the ministerial guild. I am going to take a page from the black pastors I met over the years as my inspiration. When I would try to send some operative to them, the black pastors would ask me, "Where is he pastor? Does he have a church?" Their point was simply, beautifully profound. If the fellow matters at all, he is not a secretary or a consultant or an ivory tower guy. He is a gritty, heart-struck, in the trenches guy, or he does not help much.

   Let us learn together.

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