Religious Fundamentalism: We All Hate It, So Why Do We Practice It So Diligently?

   Religious fundamentalism makes the world a more dangerous place. This holds true whether you are in a culture dominated by Christian Fundamentalism or threatened by Islamic Fundamentalism. Religion cut back to its "Turn or Burn" essentials is not peaceful or loving or helpful.

   So, why do otherwise reasonable persons work so hard at Fundamentalism? The word's best known Fundamentalist, Osama Bin Laden, is so human he nursed a romantic crush on the singer Whitney Houston for years, according to a long time associate. Bin Laden worshiped Ms. Houston from afar (way afar) and was devastated when she married hip-hop celebrity Bobby Brown. Mr. Bin Laden wanted her to become one of his wives.

   How does Bin Laden go from a crush on Whitney Houston to jihad? How do American Religious Fundamentalists go from adoration of the Founding Fathers to practical demolition of the constitutional protection for religion in the separation of religion and state?

   In the next few days, we will explore this subject here at aintsobad, in terms, I hope, one can understand and share with friends. Here is the foundation of Fundamentalism (and the basis for its victory in otherwise modern cultures around our world): it has a great story with strong cultural roots.

   Get this and the rest falls into place. 

Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the church I serve or any other person.


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