Religious Governance: Let Me Be a Bit More Revealing About Evil

   Psych-guy1 wants to know if I have a name to associate with the evil I discussed in my previous  post.

   Yes. I do.

   Now, a digression.

   Evil blooms where large amounts of money make up the top soil. Humans are acquisitive beings. Empty lives have to fill up with something. Some fill up with intellectual or artistic pursuits, some chase after the opposite gender, but so many of us seem to naturally fill up our empty lives with stuff. We have to have some way to declare victory. Counting along the bottom line is a tangible way to declare victory.

   This is not just greed. It is validation.

   All of us want our basic needs met. We are unhappy when we cannot meet those basic needs and much, much happier when we can live indoors, eat regularly, clothe ourselves against the elements and get from oen point to another without resort to the "thumb in the wind." There is very little empirical evidence to show we get happier as we have more than basic needs met. There must be a reason we continue the struggle for things after we have, "food and clothing for today," which our Lord says should be the contentment point.

   The love of stuff, the root of all evil, must have something to do with validation. The wealthier fellow did better than the poor fellow for he is of greater substance than the poorer man. After awhile the fellow who counts his success by his living standard rather than actual happiness may sacrifice integrity, honor and nobility to maintain his rate of material gain.

   The incorporation of Religion, Inc., in American culture is the bastion of such evil. Huge, family owned, money-making organizations pass from father to son. It is business, merely business, but not a simple business. Many believers can see the inherent evil in the business of religion when it is linked to tele-evangelists but are not so keen in focuse when a like wickedness is exposed in their traditional denominational apparatus or their favorite para-church organization. To point the finger at the accepted convention or denominational apparatus will very quickly make you the tatamount to the illegitmate child at the family picnic.

   So, yes, I have a name to associate with the wickedness I mentioned yesterday and explained today.

   His name is Legion.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone, not those of the church I serve, or of any other individual or organization.

1 thought on “Religious Governance: Let Me Be a Bit More Revealing About Evil”

  1. fundamental truth, here! Some families, visa vis their traditions, are just better eqipped to hold to ritual and instruction, so that it becomes natural for them to hold onto the reins of power, however mistaken their spirit and attitude become. I, on the other hand, am of a more curious mental outlook and forever I am looking to the newness and the letting go of the worn out…come by the house sometime, I am sure there is something I would like you to have!

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