“Remember the Main(e) Thing”

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 The word slogan is of Gaelic origin. It refers to the battle cries men would raise as they rushed into battle. A slogan is a battle cry.

   Today, a slogan is a jingle. 

   "You deserve a break today, so get up and get away, to ______"

    "____. It's the real thing."

   Those are now ancient slogans, jingles supplanted by several layers of jingles, one set on the other, each as banal (and catchy) as the one before it. Today, for the privilege of repeating their jingles (slogans) on a large stage, some product placement or agenda driven groups will pay as much as 3 million dollars for a 30 second time slot during the Super Bowl.

   Battle cries have come a long way, baby.

   Sorry, but you saw that coming, right?

   Here is a Christian Contemplative slogan:

   God has revealed the meaning of life and offered the resources to fulfill that meaning. The first is perfect truth. The second is perfect grace.

   No, I do not know how to get this on a bumper sticker.

   Nor, in point of fact, do I want this slogan to be sloganized, to be trivialized on a sporting event or to have it made so superficial even a cave man could get it. 

   Bod-a-boom, bod-a-bing.

   I desperately want us to come to a faith that requires our best thinking. If that means we have to bathe and put on a tie to get in the mood, fill the tub, Molly. 

   Ok, that one goes back too far. If you remember that one, you are the cat's meow.

   The contemplative accepts the fact he may talk himself out of his long-held happiness's. Contemplation is altering. One never knows when the right combination of stimuli will storm the fortress of one's cortex, firing neuro-transmitters in a hitherto unexperienced sequence, so resulting in a zig-zag streak of genius, after which the man can never be the same again.

   As though he could, anyway. The stultifying effects of banal religiosity must be as offensive to a living God as they are condemnatory to a lively mind. God does not change but every time the light strikes some other facet of His/Her perfect character, the finite mind should find itself dazzled anew. 

   Superficiality, the default position of modern Western religiosity, is a like a virus. When it shows up in a giant lump you can be sure there is something wrong with the immune system. The immune system, in this case, is the inner working of the  common Christian, who simply cannot discern between the corporate case for religion and the inner faith system.

   Another slogan?

   Give up your religion. Find God. 

   It is the difference between a battle cry and a jingle.


3 thoughts on ““Remember the Main(e) Thing””

  1. A very wise person said that man invented religion to protect himself from God. The Almighty cannot be reduced to a slogan — and neither can our love and reverence for him. Sometimes I think we take his name in vain, in our ardor to put a “witness” on a part of jogging shorts or on a t-shirt. Where is that place for holiness? How do we protect ourselves from the commercialization of the sacred? How do we presever the real sanctity of life?

  2. I am probably being visceral and pagan here, but it seems that religion might actually be a descriptive of the human desire to understand God and allow Him to infiltrate every fiber of their being(thus not invented by man at all but place by God for His Glory). So, to not just be Pagan, but somewhat contempative, I would offer the word ‘ritualistic’ as a better choice and substitute for ‘ the word religious’ per your use in this piece of otherwise great and deep thought(s) concerning the genuous relations Godward.

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