Retail Religion

   How many quality contacts can you make in one week? How many more can you help your congregation make, since their contacts mean more than yours?

   The day when people will come to worship because it is the thing to do is not now. I do not know if it is over forever but it is not now the thing to do. Connections matter more than ever.

   Your congregational size can double in a week if this week everyone there last week brings one person with them. No, they will not all stick with you but some will.

   Congregations are dwindling and dying in a world overrun with people. This ought to be impossible.

   I have had great crowds in worship before and expect to again, if God still cares about reaching people and if His people will still go.

   My folks get me the guest information from Sunday morning just after worship. I begin calling Sunday afternoon. Visitation assignments get made from there, then we get busy. I find people at home most Monday evenings but Sundays are good as well.

   The point is, don't expect people to come to you. You will not get all the folks you go after but if you, God will give you some you don't go after because you are the going kind.

2 thoughts on “Retail Religion”

  1. Ok, you’re not talking about cold calling…nor, walking up and down the block knocking on every door. It kind of sounded like that. You’re talking about visiting those people that already visited the church. As you pointed out, having members bring those people is absolutely crucial.
    Thanks for clarifying.

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