Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian

Richard Reno is my choice for the important position of Mayor of Midlothian in the special election coming up May 4, 2019.

Here are the reasons I believe this election for Mayor of Midlothian is so important. Everyone of these items point to our need of Richard Reno as Mayor.

  1. Midlothian is growing by leaps and bounds. Municipal services must be used correctly to keep up with this change. This means tax dollars must be used conservatively and correctly. Richard Reno has built an international business from scratch and quartered it in our town. He knows how to use resources.
  2. Midlothian’s Police and Fire Service are better than good for a town our size. The problem is that our town is not going to stay this size for long. New population brings with it new issues. Midlothian has to be ready to do the kind of public service that protects itself. As a former US Marine and with one son in military service now, Richard Reno knows how to protect and defend.
  3. Midlothian needs a civic minded Mayor now. Promotional persons and developers, who have their use, have had their day in charge. Someone must be put in place who has the better interests of all Midlothian in mind and heart. Richard has lived here and paid taxes here for decades. Richard Reno is the man we need for Mayor.

I am almost apologetic to Richard for pushing him this hard for a position I know will bring headaches and heartaches. As a thirty year resident of Midlothian, I know we are the middle of a great change that will determine what kind of a town we are for the next thirty years.

My children chose to raise their families here in Midlothian. I want our town to be great for them.

I want this to be a great town for my grandchildren.

I urge all Midlothian to turn out May 4 to vote for Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian.

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