Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian

In the prior election in early May I gave all my reasons for voting for Richard Reno for Mayor. Let me mention one or two more.

Richard is intent on maintaining the home town feel for Midlothian, Texas. This does not mean he plans to stop the growth in population in our town. Simply put, that cake is baked. Midlothian has grown, is growing and will continue to grow in size.

Richard is intent on working hard to make this growth work for as many people as possible. There are ways we all benefit from the growth of orur town

Some have benefitted more than others.

Richard and his family have been here for more than twenty five years. Richard and Tammy raised their kids here. Now, their granddaughter is growing up here with her mom and dad adding to our town.

Richard Reno wants what is best for all our grandchildren. I have eleven grandchildren. One is in Heaven already, two live in Burleson and nine are her in Midlothian. I want a Midlothian that is strong and good.

So does Richard Reno.

Early voting is May 28, 29, 30 and 31. All this week you can go vote. I voted this morning. There were a half dozen others in line with me. Please go vote.

You can also do early voting on June 3 and June 4.

The regular voting will be June 8. You can be done with your voting by then.

Please go vote early at the Midlothian Conference Center on Mt. Zion across from the Courtyard by Marriot. Vote, Vote every chance you get.

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