Richard Reno for Midlothian Mayor: Election is June 8 but why wait?

The special election to fill the unexpired term of our Mayor Bill Houston is June 8. I am voting for Richard Reno. I ask you to do the same.

And I do not intend to wait until June 8 to vote. Early voting is available to us on May 28, 29, 30, 31, as well as June 3 and 4.

I plan to vote as early as possible on May 28. Please join me at the polls that day to vote for Richard Reno.

If you need a ride to come vote for Richard, contact us. We will get you to the polls.

Please don’t let a few people make this decision for you. Get up, get to the poll, vote for Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian.

Remember, you can vote May 28, 29, 30, 31

or June 3 and 4

or on Election Day, June 8.

Why wait? Vote early for Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian.

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