Rick’s Recommendations for the Final Four

So, it is now the Round of Four in the NCAA Men’s Tournament, 2013. I now have exactly one team of my Final Four selections even in the Final Four. I picked Louisville, Gonzaga, Maimi and Florida. Only Louisville made the Big Dance.

Remember I picked Louisville because of their superior guard play. Now, they have lost their best guard to a gruesome injury. The Cards had enough to steamroll Duke, regardless, but I did not have much regard for Duke, anyway.

So, can Louisville make it happen with their best guard in blue jeans?

I don’t know. As we get closer to the Big Game(s), I will announce my pick(s) but, for today, let me announce Rick’s Recommendations for Future Tournaments.

  1. Never pay any attention, not one scintilla of attention, to any of Rick’s Rules or Recommendations. You may as well pick your favorite mascot.
  2. When in doubt, refer to Recommendation 1 above.
  3. Go with guard play.
  4. Big men do not matter anymore.
  5. The three point shot changes all things.

2 thoughts on “Rick’s Recommendations for the Final Four”

  1. Playing some “d” will help, too. I’m thinking The Orangemen could win it with their zone defense. I hope they do ’cause I have them in my bracket winning it all!

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